You can bring sinners to Christ with the Gospel, that’s not a problem, but you have to cut off the head of the ‘Beast’ with its own sword to defeat the ‘system’ that enslaves them. You can make the Devil, the Antichrist and his False Prophet flee from your personal world by using simple truth and natural reason to beat the ‘system’ – whatever that unnatural, unreasonable collective lie may be. Anyone can do it! A little child can do it! All you need is faithfulness and a little perseverance to the Name of Jesus! This site is about bringing down every socially ingrained argument, every ‘high thing’ or state sponsored propaganda that exults itself against the knowledge of God. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, (they do no damage to property or people) but they are mighty in God through the Holy Ghost:



Use the history of a Godless world to defeat the future of Godlessness in your own world. This poster below is the main chart for the book called ‘The Only True God and Author of History’ – (downloadable below). It rightly divides Scripture to show that prophetic seasons given in the Bible determine that prophecy is coming to a conclusive finish in our day and age. Examine the ‘Prophetic Seasons’ in the chart below and you’ll see in the history of the world and in Scripture just how in the ‘Final Hour’ you can do exploits and have an epic finish to your life!


(The PDF downloadable version below is in A3 paper size and is the smallest for viewing. A1 or A0 sizes are recommended if you wish to have it printed as a wall chart).

PDF Main Chart 2016 A3 SIZE

PDF Main Chart 2016 AO SIZE

PDF Main Chart 2016 A1 SIZE

By any examination of the chart above and current world events, time is running out for this world! For a detailed explanation of prophetic seasons in history and the final hour download, ‘The Only True God and Author of all History’.


To download the latest updated free copy of the above book click below:

How to calculate from the Bible the day that the real Jesus Christ was born… 

Date of Christs Birth Cover

To download the tract above click on the title below:
The Date of Christ's Birth as Set by the Bible 2023

Current Covid Christian Crisis:

This tract looks at how Science in history is pinpointing our present world for global change in conflict with Bible believing Christianity.

Covid Covert Cover

To download just click on the title below:
Covered by the Blood and Spirit of Christ - Cowered by the Covert Covid Spirit of Antichrist


Firstly Leaflets…

Flyers for a Gospel Sling:  

There is a religious ‘conversion’ factor in mass persuasion. It can be seen in the ‘coming out’ ‘confessional ritual’ of homosexuals to achieve social acceptance. Each and every confession of their personal privacy remodels the children and adults who look up to these ‘icons’ by causing them not to value their own privacy. These targeted ‘initiates’ for ‘cultic conversion’ to permissive heter­ophobia must then themselves make the ‘general confession’ of what is unnatural and abnormal human behaviour – as being ‘natural and normal’, and what is obviously unhealthy and unclean as being ‘healthy and clean’. Today’s socialist gay activism herds children into a ‘coming out’ confession and conversion experience repetitively through school age education for a heter­ophobic lifestyle that enslaves them to the power of consumerism at a maximum rate of consumption. The ‘Beast’ doesn’t care about the children who will grow up to become one of the 15% of homosexual men who have a HIV death sentence. It doesn’t care about the crying children of broken marriages, anorexia nervosa in young girls and their mothers or the suicide rate of people, young and old – who ‘fail’ the marketable standard. The ‘Beast of Consumerism’ consumes life, maximizing profit for power with minimal input. The consumerist genocidal garbage bin of aborted babies, aborted lives and aborted personal character is large in our superficial world.

2022 Cover


Click on the title below to download, view and publish the above tract:
Death of Reason - 2022


Inspect the inside of your children’s and your grandchildren’s kindy for ‘conversion-suppression of natural birth gender’ propaganda. God will judge people who coerce naturally born children into a gender blender existence that burns up natural development in normal children. We don’t allow children to drink alcohol because it affects normal brain development. Why should some children be pressured by ‘experts’ to take chemicals as ‘puberty blockers’ that prevent natural development of their body into physical adulthood.

The miasma of cultural religion is prolific throughout all ages. However one strand of DNA with it’s encoded information means there is only One Omniscient God, His Word and Power in the creation of all organic life. What is his Name? Yahweh! I am who I am!

religions vs truth last final front

Click on the title below to download, view and publish the above tract:
Religion vs Simple Truth

More Flyers for a Gospel Sling…   

Click on the titles below to download, view and publish the above tracts:

          Gospel for the 21st Century         Gospel for Chinese Folks

              Gospel for Consumerism           Christmass Card

                              Gospel for Gay Activism

                         Gospel for the Defense of Israel

                           Gospel for the Internet Prison

                          Propaganda: The Pornography of Power


In the great tragedy of Jewish and world history, daniel-coverthe love of a holy and righteous God for his people Israel is revealed in the sacrifice of his Holy Word that condemns all men to death. All of the Old Testament points forward to the life, death and resurrection of one Man, Jesus of Nazareth who was born in 4BC and who died in 29AD, conquering Sin in His death and all that Death is for us in His Resurrection.

Click on the title of the tract below to download one of the greatest Old Testament infallible truths that Jesus is truly the Messiah of Israel…

Daniel and the Wise Men 


Perhaps some of the loveliest people on earth, Muslims will in most cases enjoy a short chat about what they believeword-of-god-and-words-of-muhammad and who Jesus was. A Muslim believes that Jesus was the Word of God, born of a virgin, that he ascended into Heaven and will one day return again. Unfortunately for them the only days in history that matter to human life other than creation itself, are the days and nights that Jesus spent in the grave including the third day on which he rose from the grave. These days are missing in the Muslim understanding of God and makes their Allah less than righteous in his judgment and forgiveness of sinners. (The Word of a just and righteous God that condemns all flesh to the grave on account of sin must become flesh and be condemned in our place). Read this tract and then go and preach it! (You can use the same polemic to witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christadelphians, Mormons and all cults that have a lesser view of Jesus than God incarnate).

For more questions answered and more Muslim tracts contact: Mizan al Haqq at anymorequestions@gmail.com

  To download this tract click below:

The Very Word of God and the Words of Muhammad

Jesus Christ THE VERY WORD OF GOD Cover

Perhaps some of the loveliest people on earth, but Muslims are missing the three days in history that matter most in the revelation of God as the perfection of pure Love. Those days are the days and nights that Jesus the Messiah as the Word of God died, was buried, rising from the dead on the third day to defeat all sin and death. The following tract is a little more to the point – and you may not end up ‘chatting’ about it after they’ve read it! It’s a simple comparison of the life of Jesus the Messiah as the ‘Word of God’ who as the Son of God reveals the Love of God and Muhammad their prophet. It’s in A4 format so you can print it out easily or scale it to A5 if you wish.


To download this tract click below:

Jesus Christ the Word of God and Mohammed the Prophet 2022


Just a little note to the Mormon Missionaries who are getting trashed at the moment on how to deal with the propaganda that is being unleashed against them. (This pamphlet is useful in combating and analyzing propaganda that is Internet based regardless of what group or sect you belong to).


Click on the title below to download the pamphlet…

To Mormon Elders and their Enemies

Jehovah Witnesses? Christadelphians…?

JW Cover

Click on the link below to understand the justice and love of God, and how we are to interact with friends in Jehovah Witnesses or Christadelphians and so on.


Chinese Evangelism


New Birth New Life



Posters for all occasions. Universities, Fringe Art Festivals, Political Rallies, Rainbow Walks or wherever else Darwin’s Stupid Theory is Taught and Practiced!

If a good tract is a gospel ‘sling stone’, then a good poster should cut off the head of the ‘Beast’ with his own sword. You’ll have to paste them up and keep pasting them up to win the battle to cause people think outside their ‘Skinner’s Box’, (their mindset of propagated indoctrination). Use the pure reason of God’s Word and His Gospel to bring down their false religion of atheism or ‘blind faith in blind chance’. Use the rhetoric of mocking atheism to chop off Goliath’s head and watch the Truth set people free.


To download the above University Poster click on link below:


Each poster is A3 in size and to download in PDF format click here…

Spells the End of Darwin's Stupid Theory: DNAs Complex Information

No to Freud God: No god Freud

Social Darwinist Citizen One: Mao Zedong

Hocus Pocus Evolutionary Circus: Hocus Pocus Evolution

Boycott the Boycott of Israel: Propaganda

End of Extremism: End Extremism

New Atheist Network: Wanted Atheists

Penitentiary World: Penitentiary World
The Battleground – He wins who perseveres!


Jesus Christ as the Word of God is the ‘Seed of Noah’, the embodiment of the true rainbow and the Light of the World. What God placed in the sky to make us look up in hope has become in a perverse world something to be trampled on. Normally rainbow walks are set up as a time line of heterophobic ‘achievement’. That means in terms of posters that it has to be rightly redefined in terms of ever increasing depravity.

Rainbow Walk to Hell

The title below is a series of 14 posters that when laid our chronologically explain the history of depravity and self-destruction in Australia that is typical of most western countries. Laid out on rainbow walks during ‘gay’ festivals they will for some people help them be warned of impending judgment on countries, cities and individuals who groom children in public schools and institutions towards Godlessness and a HIV death sentence.

The posters are A3 in size and to download in PDF format click here…

Rainbow Walk Posters: HETEROPHOBIA

UNIVERSITIES: The Killing Flag (the Red Rag) and the Killers of Christianity!

One of the great secular atheistic propaganda themes for the last seventy years has been, ‘Religion is the cause of all wars’. It’s a lie! Darwin’s ‘scientific’ principle of the ‘survival of the fittest’ is perhaps the most self righteous justification for world war and genocide in the indoctrination socially of people groups. The only hope for mankind can only be found in the language of love that comes from God our Father in the physical manifestation of His Word, the Lord Jesus Christ. The real liar, stealer and destroyer of human life in the twentieth century was actually atheistic science with its blind faith in blind chance as manifested in Darwinian ‘natural selection’.

Maoist Darwinism pic

The poster is A3 in size and to download in PDF format click here…

Weirdo Red Flag Brigade: Maoist Darwinism

 TV ENTERTAINMENT – The ‘Image of the Beast that Speaks’

television1The greatest destroyer in all of modernity for the unity of a Church’s spiritual relationship with God is the ability of visual media to set idol worship and self imagery in the hearts and minds of individuals. True worship of God is to conform ones personality to the character of his Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Television indoctrinates conformity to a world ‘Beast’ or system by corrupting the self perception and therefore personality of the viewer.

The poster is A3 in size and to download in PDF format click here…

The household shrine of 'self' worship - Televisionism

HETEROPHOBIA and the God of this Entertainment World:

The mass  media propagates a hatred for what is normal and creational, imposing physical violence, adultery, fornication, homosexuality and abortion as the new norm, defining life for children and ‘child rearing’. So what’s the problem? Is it physical violence, adultery, fornication, homosexuality and abortion? None of them. It’s your television set. It is the medium for the indoctrination of hatred for God and His Word, (His Son) in your children.


The poster is A3 in size and to download in PDF format click here…

Television Instills Heterophobia in Children: 


Hell is a rubbish tip for the destruction of false religion, all idolatry and all the demonic manifestation of Satan through the inventiveness of man. It is a place for the final end of the Devil, his demons and Death. Who would want to go there? Torment in Hell is the absolute suppression of the intention to sin in the human heart, soul, mind and body. It is the perfection of Christ’s victory over sin on the Cross and over Death in His Resurrection.


The poster is A3 in size and to download in PDF format click here…

Jesus Will Judge the Earth in Righteousness: Only Jesus Saves



Now if leaflets are sling stones and posters the full house brick then a good banner is the artillery gun. It’s very effective in that it gets the message to everyone who passes by!




Each sign is one side of a two sided banner. To download these 120cm  x 90cm signs in PDF format click here… 

God is Not Mocked... Side-1

The Wrath of God is... Side-2: 

God is Perfect in Justice...  Side-3: 

God is Perfect Love...  Side-4
The Battleground:

Eternal life by Faith in God through Jesus Christ or ‘Faith No More’ with a Judas ‘Slipknot’ hanging in the background as a burlesque performer parades past in a Fringe Art Festival Parade.

The Battleground:

No peace between man and man – without Peace first with God through Jesus Christ. The Gospel is here inserted between nationalist and internationalist, between right and left wing politics, Nazis and Communists, Islam and Israeliophobes.


SERMON JAMS (The Hammer)

This is the master blaster of Gospel preaching. It takes a team effort and the wisdom and leading of the Holy Spirit to do it successfully. You’ll need an amplifier and the ability to defend it against whatever the Devil may throw against it, (atheists, drunks, etc). Remember that the Gospel has to be ‘Good News’ so this sort of hammer is for the right place at the right time. Make it loud, don’t be sheepish!

Paul Washer at his best…

Download: Creation

Jacob Prasch hammering away at Darwinism…

Download: Heterophobia
Download: Death of Reason

Sermon Jams for the Defense of Israel from Prager University

The Middle East Problem in a Nutshell

Download: Middle East Problem in a Nutshell

Israel is not an Apartheid State

Download: Israel is Not an Apartheid State

BDS is Anti-semitic – Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada

Download: BDS is Anti-semitic


The Book of Enoch:

Enoch the seventh from Adam prophesied… Jude 14

Here then is the Book of Enoch minus interpolation, commentary and pseudo authorship and in agreeance with Scripture. Do you like AW Tozer’s hindsight of Scripture 2000 years after the New Testament was written? Consider Enoch’s foresight from 3000 years before… (Earliest existent manuscript is from the Dead Sea Scrolls and dates to c300BC).


Click on the title below to download:

Book of Enoch




The only means of mass media available to effective Christian warfare is the person to person warfare of Gospel evangelism that ignores mass media re-definition and Internet marketing. To then use history as a weapon for evangelism it must point forward to the Lord’s return as the Gospel of the Kingdom. When He will come – we don’t know, that it will be soon, we have no doubt! We are told to remember the Lord’s death ‘until He comes’, so there is available a coordinated approach for whoever is interested to meet annually on the eve of the Passover to do exactly that. The first is planned for 2018. Download the poster below and begin the ‘word of mouth’ gatherings in your area for a public communion service.


To download a ‘TOWARDS TWENTY, TWENTY-NINE’ poster click here: 

Light of the World -2017



Remember the Fallen…

ARMENIAN GENOCIDE Remembrance Posters

Aramaic was the language of Jesus Christ and the disciples and is still a living language in southern Syria and eastern Lebanon today. From their world unchanged by modernity comes Lamsa’s 1930s translation from Aramaic into English that brings a very clear and concise understanding. These are the original texts of Christian religion. Knowing this to be the history of the Church of the East – 1,500,000 Armenian Christians chose the path to martyrdom in 1915, refusing conversion to Islam, Catholicism, or the Liberal Higher Criticism of 19th century Germany. The genocide culminated in the destruction of the Biblical city of Smyrna in 1922.







‘Who remembers the Armenian genocide? That’s a quote from Adolph Hitler ten years after the fall of Smyrna and five years before he began the genocide of the European Jews! The first genocide of our modern age was of New Testament believers and directly led to the next holocaust of Old Testament adherents. The posters above and below when placed strategically in your city on ‘Remembrance Days’ might perhaps stretch the world’s conscience and memory a little further next time.




These posters are in A3 size and to download in PDF format click here…

Armenian Peshitta Bible

1,500,000 Armenians Killed

Who Remembers the Armenians

Armenian Remembrance Flag - Year 2

Armenian Remembrance Flag - 1915-1922

Lamsa Aramaic Comparison to NASB Genesis and Exodus


The Battleground. (Must be placed with all due respect).


A warning from the Aramaic Bible!

And he took up his parable and said, Alas who will live when God does this! And legions shall come from the land of China and shall conquer Assyria, and shall subdue the Hebrews and they also (the legions from China) shall perish forever.  Numbers 24:23-24 (Aramaic Peshitta) cropped-7-snap-snap-bang-bang1.jpg

 This poster is A3 high and 2.0m long. To download in PDF format click here…

 Mao Zedong

Social Darwinism cannot change. So get ready for what God must do.


Posters for the Christian Defense of Israel

It doesn’t take much to defend your city and town against the natural hatred for God, His Word and His people Israel. Christians who want to be able to defend their faith in God will have to defend Israel first. You can’t defend the New Testament without defending the Old Testament. Go for it! You can do it! Download these posters stick them up and keep sticking them up where people can see them. (Just sit back and watch the atheists and other false co-religionists gnash their teeth at them). When they’re anger and insanity is ebbing away (having been defeated by pure logic), preach the Gospel and maybe reason, truth and repentance will be granted to them for salvation.

 (Click on the title above to view and download).



Good old fashioned chalk. Easiest and cheapest and sometimes most effective. Got a ‘Rainbow Walk’ in your city? Use it as a Christian billboard!

Above and left: Chalking Israeliophobes. (Not happy chappies!) Chalking is no longer considered a graffiti offence in most Australian States. Elsewhere you would have to find out the hard way or get a lawyer first. It works a treat! Nobody wants their propaganda when you mention six million murdered Jews in Europe that began with boycotts of Jewish businesses in 1933. The Holocaust is the reason for Israel’s existence and Israel isn’t going anywhere!  You still need Gospel T Shirts and tracts to offer Israelis and Palestinians the only solution to war that is the command of Jesus to ‘Love your enemies’ – otherwise the killing and hatred just goes on and on and never ends. There has to be a change of heart that only Jesus Messiah can bring!


To understand what is about to happen prophetically, you will need to know what has happened historically.  Here is one example…

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Posters


For Contact: adelaidestreetpreaching@gmail.com